Hey, let me introduce myself

Hey, let me introduce myself

Hi, I'm Mon! The heart and soul behind MoNat&Bag.

I am also the founder, the designer, creator, maker, administrator, packer, post office goer and a coffee maker. I run MoNat&Bag with a small team and occasional help from my little germ - daughter Nat (on a good day).

I am a single mama of one, red wine drinker and coffee lover. I run MoNat&Bag full time from my home in London.

MoNat&Bag was created in 2015 when I was in full time employment. The brand was inspired by my totally awesome daughter Natalie - or her constantly growing number of toys and lack of space.

I was also tired of tiding up ALL THE TIME so I wanted something that I can just throw everything in quickly and it doesn't take me forever to clean. Out of sight, out of mind, right.

Also, the storage solution that is eco friendly, yet sturdy and funky. 

Then BOOM... MoNat&Bag was born!

It all started with our storage bags, then came prints, baby accessories, stickers and all other personalised products. I quit my job and started doing MoNat&Bag full time, and I've never looked back.

Honestly, I love my job and I could not have been prouder of what we achieved. But all of this could not be possible without you. So thank you for supporting me. I am forever grateful.

Love M x

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